法律英语(English Legal hnguage)是法律的英语载体形式,以...
翻译的“忠实性”  传统翻译理论十分注重翻译的“忠实性”,认为翻译最基本的指导原则便是忠实性,...



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  25. Consider cold spring at outer pipe if shown at stress calculation and/or isometric. Note: cold spring has to be applied where specified in isometric at core and jacket pipe!

  26. Connection of the heat transfer lines and by-passes. Performance of the welds in accordance with welding instruction and welding process sheet respectively.

  27. Creation of the heat transfer flange connections of the heat transfer system if available/necessary (pay attention to bolt torques). Pay also attention to correct installation of new and undamaged seals, bolts and nuts. Use high temperature grease at all threads.

  28. Performance of the tests of jacket pipe and heat transfer system (e.g. penetration radiation test, surface crack test, leakage test, pressure testing, radiographic examination, etc.) according to the relevant testing plan and testing regulations for the project.

  29. During the cold water pressure test make sure that the pipe work components are uncoupled from the system. Lock the spring and re-release after test is completed. Acceptance of the tests made by qualified experts and, if required, by independent agencies.

  30. Clean and flush all pipe work at inside and outside, polish heat zones, etc. note: clean up outside of product pipe before erection of jacket pipe!

  31. Surface treatment (e.g. pickling/passivating, blasting, primer or repair base coat and final coat at carbon steel parts,) as per instructions on corrosion protection and painting system.

  32.Where available, connection to ground, cathodic protection, installation of instrumentation and control and safety engineering by qualified specialist personnel (e.g. pressure and temperature measuring points, adjusting of safety valves,).

  33. Function test of complete system incl. equipment and acceptance testing of all plant components. Acceptance testing made by qualified experts and, if required, by independent testing agency.

  34. Insulation of outer pipe and heat transfer system according to insulation regulations.

  35. Clean up of erection site.

  36. Instruction of operating personnel and final acceptance of the plant by responsible site manager and plant operator.

  37. Signing of the plant acceptance certificate.

  38. Handing over of pipe specifications to responsible site engineer (with complete and final AS BUILT documentation).


  General Welding Regulations

  The welding and thermal treatment must be carried out according to the general accepted rules of pipe work and vessel engineering as well as the current state of the art. The relevant laws, rules, national and international codes as well as accident prevention regulations must be observed in all cases. Welding may be carried out only by approved specialist companies and by qualified certified welders.

  Standard welding instructions:

  1. Welding at site acc. MH-welding procedure specification.

  2. Welds and preparations may only be carried out by experienced specialist companies and qualified welders. The manufacture/installation company carries the whole responsibility for correctness and quality of the weld seams made. He must have available appropriate installation, manufacturing and testing equipment to the state of the art. In performing welding works the must use tested welders specially trained in the performance of the application at hand as well as qualified welding supervisory personnel, who are capable of guaranteeing and evaluating the necessary weld seam quality and carrying out the supervision of the welding engineering process responsibly.

  3. Welding work may be carried out only by welder s qualified and certified. The welders must have demonstrated their suitability with several welding samples/test pieces (especially for inner pipe welds with minimal root penetration, separate test pieces delivered with equipment) in accordance with the components and materials to be processed. Valid welder certificates must be available.

  4. Certified welding supervisory personnel, must have adequate knowledge and experience of the components and materials to be processed.

  5. Valid certificates on process tests in accordance with the parts and materials to be processed must be demonstrated and documented.

  6. Suitable welding methods for pipe work engineering are the usual manual welding methods TIG and/or E or combination TIG (for root layer)/E(for filler and cover layers).

  7. Note: G and MIG/MAG welds are generally not admissible.

  8. Caution: pay attention of minimally root penetration at inside of inner pipe joints h﹤=0.1*Smin./max.1mm)!


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