CHINA will send navy ships to Somalian waters t...
谁杀死了猛犸象?(Who Killed the Elepha…
Hungry prehistoric hunters, not climate change,...



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CHINA will send navy ships to Somalian waters to combat pirates, the Foreign Ministry announced last week. The news came hours after nine pirates attacked a Chinese cargo ship with 30 crewmen in Somalian waters last Wednesday.

The crew used water cannons, self-made fire bombs and beer bottles to battle the pirates before they were rescued by the Malaysian army.

Two destroyers and a large supply ship will be part of the fleet that is being deployed to the Somalian waters. The ships will leave Sanya, Hainan province, after Christmas on a three-month mission.

The media described the tour as China's biggest naval expedition since the 15th century. In recent years, China's navy has only left the Pacific region for goodwill tours.

What is a destroyer?

A destroyer is a fast warship. It was originally designed to escort larger vessels in a fleet and defend them against smaller but powerful attackers.

Before World War II, destroyers were not very important to a fleet. They were usually light vessels without endurance for unattended ocean operations. At that time, cruisers, which have bigger tonnage and longer endurance, were often chosen for longer, independent missions. Destroyers were just escorts.

But during and after WWII, larger and more powerful destroyers capable of independent operation were built. At the end of the Cold War, destroyers gradually took the place of cruisers. Today, destroyers are the heaviest surface-combat ships in general use.


Arleigh Burke class destroyer

Namesake: a US navy leader from World War II

Launched: 1989 Tonage: 6,794 ton

Speed: 56km/h

With the motto "Fast and Feared", the Arleigh Burke destroyer is among the largest and most powerful ever built. It was made entirely of steel, rather than having just a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. An aluminum mast is used to reduce weight. It was the first US warship designed with an air-filtration system to defend against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.


Kongo class destroyer

Namesake: a mountain Launched: 1991

Tonage: 7,500 tons Speed: 56km/h

The Kongo class of destroyers serves as the core of the Japanese military's escort fleet. The destroyer is armed with surface-to-air missiles, anti-submarine rockets and anti-ship missiles. The ship also has stealth features to reduce radar detection. It has become a part of pop culture.


Type 052B destroyer (Guangzhou 168)

Namesake: city's names Launched: 2003

Tonage: 6,500 tons Speed: 54km/h

The vessel's hull design incorporates strong radar reduction features, such as sloped sides. The hull surface is coated in radar-absorbent paint. The ship carries a total of 48 missiles. It also has four anti-ship cruise missile launchers.

Naming a warship

The US navy names its destroyers after famous naval personnel of the past. While Japanese prefer to use the names of natural things, such as mountains, weather features and trees.

China uses city names for its destroyers – for example, Wuhan 168. But when you read reports from the Western media, you will not find "Wuhan 168". Instead, you'll see "Luyang Class I" – a name given by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It refers to the factory where the destroyer was made, or the place where the ship was detected.

Once a ship has been named, its name is almost never changed. This is a tradition that originated in Britain. The ship's name was said to be its "soul", and changing the name was thought to bring bad luck. The major exceptions were changing the names of captured or acquired foreign-built ships.


acquire 获得

cannon 大炮

cargo ship 货船

cruiser 巡洋舰

destroyer 驱逐舰

displacement 排水量

escort 护卫

filtration 过滤

fleet 舰队

guided missile 导弹

incorporate 合并, 混合

maritime 海事的

namesake 同名物

pirate 海盗

tonnage 吨位, 排水量

vessel 船



Expressions from the navy:



I visited the company's flagship store over the weekend. It's huge!



深不可测的, 难解的。fathom是航海中测量深度的单位,浔,大概是6英尺

The news of her death is unfathomable. I simply can't believe it.


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    CHINA will send navy ships to Somalian waters to combat pirates, the Foreign Ministry announced last week. The news came hours after nine pirates attacked a Chinese cargo ship with...
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